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"A recent software engineering study conducted by the job platform Hired revealed that nearly 40% of software engineers wanted only remote roles, with 21% stating that they would quit if their employers required them to return to the office and 49% stating that they would begin looking for a new job."

Let’s be honest, most employees think the perks of working from home outweigh the perks of working in the office. However, when employees are in the office together, productivity and in-person collaboration increase. What can you offer your remote employees to get them back in the office? 

Your employees want to know they are a valuable part of your team. Ask questions and listen to what’s being said. Take things like a hybrid work schedule or adjusted hours into consideration. Employees will feel heard and understood. 

98% of employees feel anxiety about 
returning to the office. 

Returning to the office is a huge adjustment for some people. Socialization, career development, and training with new technology are big advantages of returning to the office. 

Along with this, returning to a physical workplace can improve mental health and well-being. We endure unhealthy bouts of loneliness and isolation when we work alone. This can lead to increased rates of despair and anxiety over time. 

"70% of remote workers claim they need to work on weekends to remain caught up with coworkers in the office. 86% of full-time remote employees eventually feel job burnout. 51% of remote workers believe their employer does not provide support for burnout issues."

45% of remote workers report working longer hours than before the pandemic, and almost half of all remote workers believe that their employers provide no emotional support.

Are you worried about updating your office technology?

We can make that process easy. We will make sure everyone has full access to the technology they need to get their jobs done when they are back as part of one, big, happy family. 

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